Company profile of Rusengineering Holding

Rusengineering Holding provides a wide variety of services in the area or power grid construction, fully complying with up to date requirements and client service standards.
Areal and cable e power lines.
Holding owns necessary expertise, machines and facilities for construction of the high voltage areal power lines (110-220kW, 330-750 kW) of various complexity rage and for any climate zone. We implement full complex of works in routing of cable lines of 110-220 kW, successfully solving difficulties related to underground and aboveland utilities intersection.
Transforming s substation. Rusengineering provides full variety of services in construction of all types of transforming substation of high voltage (110-220kW, 330-750 kW), including reconstruction and extension of the existing ones. We provide the equipment supply and build transforming substations “key ready”, in any climate zone.

Engineering, installation and setup of the RELAY PROTECTION AND AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT, ECA, PCS, AUTOMATIC SYSTEM FOR COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTING OF POWER CONSUMPTION systems, network systems, operation dc voltage system. Partnership with the leading world producers allows Holding to carry complex projects on engineering and installation of the automated control system (ACS) on the network facilities and commercial energy accounting system. We modernize and carry from the scratch automated systems based on programmed technical complexes of Siemens, ABB, BPA and other vendors. Construction of fiber-optic communication lines (FOL) also is being one of the Holding specializations.
Engineering. Services of Rusengineering in the area of complex engineering of the power supply network objects include construction, reconstruction and technological modernization of transforming substations and HV LINE. Own designed capacity, active cooperation with leading Russian engineering institutions, and latest engineering and technical solutions allows us to develop projects at the world standards level.
Supply of complex energy eq quip pment. Equipment, supplied by the companies of the Holding has high cost/performance ratio and complies up-to-date requirements, possesses improved exploitation and ecological characteristics. Equipment, to the order of Rusengineering, is being produced on the energy constructing plants of Russia and CIS countries, as well as on the largest production plants of Germany, Switzerland, France, etc.