EnergoPromInvest, LLC, St. Petersburg The company is specialized in development of the technical and technological solutions, preparation of the construction documentation, complete equipment with components, installation works and commissioning. EnergoPromInvest, LLC provides the following services: engineering of TRANSFORMING SUBSTATION from 110 kW and up (newly build or reconstructed); engineering of HV LINE 110 kW and cable power lines 110 kW, engineering of RTP (BRTP), EDP, TP (BKTP); engineering of CABLE LINES, HV LINE 10 (6) Kw and 0,4 kW; development of POS and PPR; engineering of intrasite networks and external lightning networks; approval of construction documentation; exercise of the functions of the general planner and general contractor; service maintenance and field supervision; performance of the topographical survey; development of EIA, OOC, process regulations for construction wastes disposal, WGDLB.

    Number of personnel-70 employees.


    SK Progress, LLC, Ekaterinburg Company carries construction, reconstruction and maintenance of the overhead transmission lines and transforming substations from 0.4 up to 500 kW of any type of complexity. Main areas of the company’s activities are: performance of the full complex of works for HV LINE construction; construction, reconstruction of TRANSFORMING SUBSTATION, including general construction and commission works. The company possesses 48 items of machinery and specialized machinery for performance of complex works for construction of electricity supply network facilities.

    Number of personnel-309 employees.

  • JSC Kirovelektrosetservice, Kirov Company is specialized in performance of complex works in construction, reconstruction, maintenance of the power supply network objects with the voltage from 0.4 up to 500 kW (HV LINE and TRANSFORMING SUBSTATION), installation and technical maintenance of the electric equipment, provision of working capacity of electrical networks and cable lines. Company performs general construction and commissioning works, performs installation of the technological equipment. Production includes metalworking production department, woodworking with all necessary equipment, inside and outside warehouses, electricitylab. Machine park contains more than 10 units of automotive equipment of various brands and modifications. Work teams are equipped with specialized machinery and specialized instruments, allowing to perform works in standalone mode.

    Number of personnel-177 employees.

  • EVLA , LLC, Vladimir Is the largest company of the Holding in Central and Volga regions, specialized in performance of complex works on maintenance of HV LINE 10/110 kW and transforming substation 10/110 kW, as well as separate types of works in construction, installation, start-up and commissioning works for the energy construction objects

    Machinery parks-19 units.

    Number of personnel-94 employees.

  • IT Service,LLC, Ekaterinburg Company performs construction and reconstruction of the transforming substations with the voltage up to 500 kW, develops and implements automated control system for the needs of production in the energy and electricity industry sector, supplies all types of control wiring systems and transforming substations connection of various voltage class.

    Number of personnel-74 employees.

    Nizhnovelectrosetremont, JSC, Nizhny Novgorod Company is specialized in performance of complex works on electric network objects maintenance of up to 500 kW voltage, as well as works on construction, installation, commissioning works on the energy construction objects.

    Machinery parks-37 units.

    Number of personnel-137 employees.

  • StroySvyazComplekt, LLC, Moscow The Company performs management of complex innovation projects, as well as provides wide variety of information services, including implementation of supervisory system; creation of dispatching and situation rooms; building of data processing centers; constructing of KIS productions and implementation of engineering business systems; organization of communication and telecommunication systems; creation of engineering infrastructure of the objects; implementation of system of control wiring of the power facilities; generation of electricity from the own energy sources. In addition, the company carries planning and surveying, installation, commissioning works; supplies equipment and provides Clients personnel training; carries pre-production and production testing; provides plat handover for commissioning and objects technical support.

    Number of personnel-137 employees.