Employees, clients, partners – people are being the core value and strategic priority for Rusengineering Holding. Partnership relations, maximum interests accommodation, honesty and transparency in business is being as important for us as quality of works and meeting the deadlines.
Implementation of challenging, complex projects, use of progressive technology and modern equipment requires from the Holding to care about the team professional level. Specialists motivation and drive for results procures maximum effect for the client, high level of cooperation with the client is being the most important component o f the successful project and is being subject of our careful attention.
Catering to long-term development of the energy infrastructure construction sector, Rusengineering Holding aims for establishment of the truly partnership relations with the clients, whose interest is being the main focus of our attention. Services and solutions, offered by Holding are adopted at maximum level to the individual needs of the clients, both from the project management point of view and from the technological aspects. Presence of Rusengineering in most of Russian regions and network of reliable partners gives to our clients an opportunity to receive a result within the short timeframe and at a reasonable price.
Readiness to comply with clients’ interests , flexibility, convenience and immediate response makes Rusengineering Holding one of the most convenient partners in the market of energy objects engineering. In combination with high quality of works, this makes a unique competitive qualities of the Holding. Many companies have already estimated the advantages of working with Rusengineering and intending to continue the cooperation.