Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy Takes RusEngineering to the Big Leagues

RusEngineering Holding is a multi-level corporation involved in electrical grid infrastructure design, construction and maintenance. Under the skilled leadership of Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy, it went from startup to a $1 billion company, cementing Anatoliy’s status as one of the leading entrepreneurs and businessmen in the world.

RusEngineering and Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy: A Perfect Partnership

RusEngineering Holding began in 2007 and operates throughout the Russian Federation. The RusEngineering Holding operating model is unique in that it uses a synergistic approach to serving its clients, thereby maximizing time and saving money.

It provides a complete menu of services to electricity energy producers, from conception to completion, including:

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Design of engineering plans;
  • Construction of infrastructure;
  • Supply and installation of equipment; and
  • Facility maintenance

RusEngineering was a perfect fit for Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy who received his degree in electrical engineering. After serving over 10 years in the Russian army, Anatoliy was ready to use his college education and extensive military training to innovate electricity projects. He had already became a well-known construction engineer, therefore when the opportunity to manage RusEngineering Holding presented itself, Anatoliy was more than ready to take the reins.

The RusEngineering Holding Company Family

RusEngineering Holding is the parent company under which the corporation’s various activities are housed and managed. It operates branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Ural, West-Siberian, and Siberian regions.

Under the auspices of the Holding Company are the following sectors:

  1. Project Management: RusEngineering, LLC functions as the overall initiator, general contractor and manager of company-wide projects.
  2. Engineering: EnergoPromInvest, LLC, is the engineering division. It is housed in St. Petersburg and is the developer of the company’s leading-edge engineering technologies.
  3. Electric networks: Six divisions are involved in the construction of electric networks:
  • SK Progress, LLC, located in Ekaterinburg, handles the construction, maintenance and renovation of overhead transmission lines and transformer substations.
  • JSC Kirovelektrosetservice, located in Kirov, joins SK Progress in the work of construction, maintenance, as well as installation.
  • EVLA, LLC, is located in the central and Volga region. It specializes in more complex projects involving electric and transmission lines and substations.
  • IT Service, LLC, based in Ekaterinburg, is handling construction and renovation of transformer substations, and installing automated control systems.
  • Nizhnovelectrosetremont, JSC, housed in Nizhy Novgorod, specializes in complex electric networks, and the construction and installation of energy facilities.
  • StroySvyazComplekt, LLC, is located in Moscow. It carries out several functions including: management of large-scale and innovative projects, distribution of industry findings and technology updates, construction of data processing centers, and coordinating telecommunications systems.

Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy Moves RusEngineering to the Top Tier

When Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy took on leadership of RusEngineering, he brought a world-view understanding of what it takes to become a leader in the electric grid industry. Chief among these was the ability to build long-term relationships based on trust and reliability. Under Anatoliy’s management, RusEngineering employed a corporate philosophy that was client-focused, long-term, and adaptable all of which resulted in building a strong reputation that resulted in growing interest from energy producers.

Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy left RusEngineering in 2012 after building the company into one of the most respected and professional companies in the industry. At that time, Anatoliy sold most of his shares, retaining no involvement in the management of the company. It has since been sold to Hyundai.